Low back pain is the most common complaint we see in our clinic, and it can be incredibly exhausting and all-consuming to experience it. The reason we (human beings) experience low back pain can be for many reasons. It can be associated with many different diseases and it can occasionally be quite a complex issue to solve.
As osteopathic practitioners, our approach is to identify the ‘drivers’ or root of the pain is. We will aim to address it using hands-on soft tissue massage, stretching, joint mobilisation, manipulation and rehabilitation exercises to stretch strengthen the relevant places. To be as comprehensive as possible – so we understand the whole picture around your low back pain – we have to spend TIME with you to fully understand the reasoning.
So many factors can overlap which might exacerbate the low back discomfort such as stress, prolonged sitting or standing, diet, a knee, hip, or ankle/foot  problems, not enough movement or strength, other inflammatory conditions, and a whole host of other factors that are combining and pain can then spiral and manifest out of control.  Every case is different.
Other factors can include:
  • a leg length discrepancy,
  • inappropriate footwear,
  • incorrect computer set-up,
  • activities/jobs that involve bending or twisting or positions that puts stress on the spine for a prolonged period of time.
  • specific trauma/injury
……and did I say stress?!!
You will often find that low back problems results from two causes: either a specific trauma such as a fall, or an accumulation of micro-stresses (sitting). Stress is probably one of the most influential factors for low back pain. When you understand that you are stressed and you recognise it, you will often find that you can understand things more clearly and that it is logical that pain in the body is a physical manifestation of the psychology.
It doesn’t matter whether you see an osteopath, physiotherapist or chiropractor. The most important thing is you see someone who is good, who will listen to you and give you lots of time. Discussing the reasons for your pain and explaining the diagnosis in detail with your therapist is important so you understand why it has occurred. Patient education is vital and will help you prevent or manage any future episodes!
We are a clinic that pride ourselves on the treatment of low back pain, discomfort or stiffness. We use manual therapy, rehabilitation exercises, gait analysis, and aim to empower you to understand what is going on with your body. We will give you a plan in order to help you manage your problem moving forwards. We are based in Poundbury, serving the Dorchester, Weymouth and Bridport areas.