Sitting in a chair is a very unnatural posture for your spine. From an evolutionary perspective, your body is simply not designed well enough to cope with the forces that sitting produces. It bulges our discs and creates inefficiency with how the spine moves. If you sit a lot, your hips will become stiff, you shoulders will move forwards and your neck will become shortened. Basically – sitting will compress your spine.

We should strive to be in a posture that is more neutral whereby there is less stress being placed on our ligaments and our discs. This video clip highlights how we can improve our sitting posture. Once we achieve this, we will become more mindful of our spinal posture and it will be beneficial to our overall health and wellbeing, and help prevent stiffness, discomfort and pain. Please be aware of the following points:

Obviously moving is better than being static, but this is a pretty good starting place for those that work from home or spend any period of time at a screen!

My screen should really be higher than in this vid, but the separate keyboard is CRUCIAL to making this posture work

Ideally we should keep varying our posture and keep things fluid

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