How to improve your posture !

Sitting in a chair is a very unnatural posture for your spine. From an evolutionary perspective, your body is simply not designed well enough to cope with the forces that sitting produces. It bulges our discs and creates inefficiency with how the spine moves. If you...

Knee pain and how to approach it

This is a great example of how we approach knee pain! 👉Pain over the front of the knee can be felt when walking, climbing up and down stairs, twisting and turning 👆It is likely the whole lower limb, pelvis and low back is not functioning as a whole and this alignment...

Low back pain – how to manage it

Low back pain – how to manage it

Low back pain, discomfort or stiffness is something that osteopaths will see in 50% of our patients on a daily basis. Low back pain is so often an on-going problem and can be the result of subtle stresses and/or previous trauma. Contributing factors can include accidents, sleep patterns, lifestyle stresses, anxiety, work, physical activities, genetics, diet, previous injury/illnesses – the list is endless! Our overall health can be affected by many intertwining factors, and this often results in muscle, joint and nerve pain, commonly low back pain.